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The Return?

I've been posting on Facebook but I think I may be getting ready to expand my platform.  If you have interest in sports and especially the NBA, NFL, College football and basketball and the MLB, then stay tuned.  Something fun could be on its way for this site.
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The Reason

Jason Quick of the Oregonian says that one of his readers has labled Brandon Roy as "The Reason." As in, the reason Portland is so good, or the reason Portland's future is so bright or the reason their young players are so good or the reason your team just lost or the reason Portland is never out of a game or....well, you get the idea. I love it. I love "The Natural" too, but The Reason may be even better.

I'm going with it. You should too. Spread the word.

Some quick thoughts

A few quick sports thoughts for you today:

I don’t understand why people don’t talk about how much Tyler Hansborough looks like a really tall Frodo Baggins. Also, why does he have such a bad haircut?

I think the teams in the Western Conference should be afraid of Denver. They are playing as well as anyone outside of LA and Melo hasn’t even started playing well yet. What if this is the year that Nene and Kmart actually stay healthy and Karl becomes a big game coach? Oh yeah, forget everything I just said. Oh well, at least the trade helped Billups on my fantasy team.

I can’t figure out why the Blazers don’t throw lobs to Oden. There is no play where this is even attempted. Yeah, he is still getting his legs back and doesn’t jump out of the gym, but he jumps well and is 7 freakin feat tall. Do the Blazers (other than Sergio) not know how? Does coach Nate hate lobs? It seems like Oden could get 8 points a game just by either running to the hoop on pick and rolls like Tyson Chandle…

Your Portland Trailblazers

Ding Dong the witch is dead. D Miles is gone and the last of the foul stench that was the Jail Blazers has finally wafted away. Good ridance. Now we just have to hope that he doesn't sign elsewhere and play in 10 games (his money comes back on the cap if that happens). To memorialize the moment, I am posting some Blazers thoughts on my orphaned sports blog. Enjoy and feel free to note your agreement in the comments section.

Next year, the Blazers will need:

1. A starting lineup of:

PG - Jose Calderon - I'm a Jose Calderon fan and to a lesser degree an Andre Miller fan for this team, though it would be preferable to find a point that can actually shoot. Problem is there aren't many PGs in the league that are an upgrade over Blake and the ones that are could not be less available. The best PG who might be available is probably Baron Davis, but I don't think he fits with this team unless Nate could make him stop shooting 3s and I just don’t want him. So, I'm in favor of …


I'm planning to start posting here again now that I've got some professional changes handled. To start with I'm stealing a link from Henry Abbot's great work for Truehoop and about Dirk and Pippen.

I never really liked Pippen. There was the unforgiveable shoes incident in Chicago. There was the fighting with Barkley in Houston and then there was an inability to score or get a stop by one of the 50 best players all time in the fourth quarter of the 2000 WCF against the Lakers that I will never, ever forgive him for.

And now recently there is all the brutal things he said about guys he allegedly wnats to coach in Chicago. If he's not a jerk, he does a pretty good impression.

Anyway this is a link from some pretty interesting sounding German show where they matchup two celebs from different backgrounds and follow them around during a night out. This is Dirk and some musician I've never heard off. A little ways in Dirk says something like, "I was d…

More Yi

Following up on yesterday's post, I just found out that Yi will likely be left off the All-Star ballot. Apparently, the NBA is just as sure as I am about what would happen if he was. It seems a pretty transparent move given that high profile rookies generally make the ballot. I bet Durant will be on there. Yi is about as high profile as anyone and has actually been playing as well as any rookie, so leaving him off the ballow would make a statement.

I will be very curious to see the ballot because in years past there has been a place to write in votes. Is it really that hard to imagine half of the people who watched Yao v. Yi would write in Yi's name? If that happens, he will be a starter. I might have to come off my "it's an absolute lock" prediction, but I still think it will happen.